Wombat Willow

We are specialist consultants in willow plantations offering a wealth of knowledge in establishing plantations of Salix Alba Caerulea through to the final production of cricket bats made by traditional craftsman.
Estates land
- Plantations for mixed land usage 
- Edge of streams for Defra field run off protection 
- Create habitat for a mixed and diversified environment  
-An investment with proven and profitable returns
                                                      - Growing willow trees as a crop 
                                                          - Growing willow on wetland  
- Growing willow on the edge of fields and land
 All our 'sets' we plant are at least 14 ft in length and unrooted. Our main planting season is December- February but we are actively looking at new possible sites all year round. There is no site too big or too small for cricket bat willow trees (40 trees per acre/100 trees per hectare). 
We offer a planting and maintenance package on new willow plantations.Please contact us if you have any questions or would like us to view a possible site for planting. 
 Purchasing of mature willow trees
- We currently purchase willow trees from all over the UK
- We offer full extraction of each tree 
- No minimum or maximum quantity limits when purchasing 
- We can replace felled trees with a new 'sets' 
Please contact us if you have mature willow trees and you would like us to provide you with a free quotation.
Processing into clefts  
- We process all our felled willow trees into cricket bat clefts  
- The clefts are then made into cricket bats and ready to score plenty of runs on the cricket field. 
If you have any questions please contact 
Mike or Harry 
01752 959080