BAT GUIDE/ How our bats are made:

1. Selecting the cleft by hand

2. Pressing the cleft and applying around 3ton of pressure over a period of time.

3. Splicing the cleft on our custom made jigs and cutting the handle to fit the cleft.

4. Cut out shoulders and shape of toe on the bat

5. Using a drawknife start the initial shaping of the bat removing large amount of willow from around the shoulder and toe areas.

6. Once the drawknife has taken off some willow we then use spoke shaves and rounded planes to remove willow from in between the spine and edge of the bat.

7. The shoulders and handle are shaped and sanded

8. Once the bat is at the correct weight, shaped to the right profile and is well balanced, it is then sanded down starting with a rough grit of 80 and then moved up through the grit leaves and is finished off with a fine 320 grit.

9. The bat has a wax finished applied to it and the handled is binded

10. Our stickers are applied to the bat and a grip to create the finished Wombat.


Size Guide

Size 3 4ft 6 – 4ft 11
Size 4 4ft 9 – 4ft 11
Size 5 4ft 1- 5ft 2
Size 6 5ft 2 – 5ft 4
Size H 5ft 4 - 5ft 6
Size SH 5ft 6 - upwards




Willow grades

3 star = Grade 3 English willow

4 star = Grade 2 English willow

Pro = Grade 1 English Willow

Limited Edition = The best of our Grade 1 English willow