Workshop Seconds/Net Bats V2 my

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We have selection of  Workshop Seconds/Net Bats:

Bat 1: SH 2lb 13oz (Onyx Profile)

Bat 2: SH 2lb 6oz (T20 Profile)

Bat 3: SH 2lb 7oz (T20 Profile)

Bat 4: SH 2lb 11oz (Onyx Profile)

Bat 5: SH 2lb 11oz (Geometric Profile)

Bat 6: SH 2lb 12oz (Onyx Profile) 

Bat 7: SH 2lb 7oz (Classic Profile) 

Bat 8: SH 2lb 8oz (Onyx Profile) 


All bats come blank and with NO warranty.  Sold as seen.